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Linking hundreds of millions of people, Twitter has enormous power as a communications medium. Yet this power is limited by the fact that it is a heterogenous network, not a homogeneous one - meaning that users have unequal numbers of connections for communicating. A very few individuals have millions or even tens of millions of followers, while the vast majority have fewer than 100. The most recent statistics show the median number of Twitter followers for all Twitter users is 61.

How do most celebrities and stars who are at the top of the Twitter chain use their power? The same way most of them use other media they have access to because of their fame - by failing to speak out on anything controversial that might negatively effect their fanbases and hurt their bottom lines. There are exceptions, of course, like @MiaFarrrow and @mrdannyglover, public figures who use their soapboxes wisely on Twitter and elsewhere. Yet for the most part, top users aren't tweeting about the real news.

But a lot of progressive activists are. As someone who just started regularly using Twitter in 2014, it seems like a shame to me that many of the creative, dedicated users I've met so far who devote a substantial amount of time to sharing important progressive news on Twitter don't have bigger megaphones.

To spread the word about progressive Twitter users who are keeping people informed about what's really going on, you can nominate yourself or another user for our site's #FF list or any of its newsfeeds. Simply e-mail us: leftweets -at- gmail.com.

If you have already been added to the #FF list, you can nominate up to five other users for inclusion. We follow all #FF members, so you can also contact us via DM: @leftweetsdotorg. E-mail us if you would like to change your profile's featured tweet. If for any reason you do not want to appear on this list, please let us know and we will remove you.

Contact us with any additional questions, and thanks for reading!

- Erik Ose, political blogger at LatestOutrage.org

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