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15 Feb Mother Jones @MotherJones FBI director calls on police to address racial prejudices and avoid 'lazy mental shortcuts' 15 Feb Talking Points Memo @TPM Boehner: I didn't want 'interference' from White House in Netanyahu speech 15 Feb Raw Story @RawStory Missouri police chief backs cop who shot at unarmed fleeing suspect and failed to report it 15 Feb @Salon ‘It was crazy sh*t’: Ayahuasca, vomiting and my search for a spiritual experience  via @britseeingstars 15 Feb EcoWatch @EcoWatch Undersea Superheroes Save Imperiled Marine Life  @Seasaver @HealTheBay @Oceanwire 15 Feb Truthout @truthout #Obama, the National Prayer Breakfast and the Tortured Truth of #Christian History: @MikeyWeinstein 15 Feb Raw Story @RawStory Tucker Carlson: ’50 Shades of Grey’ is ‘creepy as hell’ because it’s erotica ‘only for women’ 15 Feb @BillMoyersHQ The ‘not my child’ anti-vax mindset couldn’t be further from the national feeling in the mid-20th c. A look back: 15 Feb Mother Jones @MotherJones In the nation's capital, fewer than half of black males graduate from high school 15 Feb Raw Story @RawStory Flight to Portland delayed after passenger stung by scorpion 15 Feb Raw Story @RawStory Copenhagen gunman, freed from jail 2 weeks ago, had a history of violence and crime 15 Feb Middle East Eye @MiddleEastEye Sunni Iraqi MPs boycott parliament over murder of tribal chief - #Iraq 15 Feb Media Matters @mmfa How Fox News treats news anchors who ask tough questions of Republicans: 15 Feb Democracy Now! @democracynow Check out our special #BlackHistoryMonth YouTube playlist: 15 Feb @Salon Here's how a legendary comedy program Second City has managed to churn out countless A-list stars for decades 15 Feb HuffPost Politics @HuffPostPol Top 10 'SNL political sketches of all time Show Summary 15 Feb Raw Story @RawStory Suave French actor Louis Jourdan dies at 93 15 Feb @BillMoyersHQ The iPhone didn’t just magically appear out of the Apple campus in Cupertino. How high-tech companies are blowing it: 15 Feb Truthout @truthout A Tiny Step Toward Ending a CEO Scam: the SEC has issued proposed regulations on executive hedging - 15 Feb Talking Points Memo @TPM North Carolina paper corrects letter calling Obama the 'Antichrist' 15 Feb Raw Story @RawStory US oil refinery managers forced to camp out in offices as strike enters third week 15 Feb HuffPost Politics @HuffPostPol Jeb Bush won't talk about wars his brother started 15 Feb Mother Jones @MotherJones Love in the time of PTSD: Mac McClelland's irritable heart 15 Feb Raw Story @RawStory Spy agencies fund climate research in hunt for weather weapon, scientist fears 15 Feb Middle East Eye @MiddleEastEye For the 1st time UN envoy to Syria explicitly names Assad as part of peaceful solution:  #Syria 15 Feb ThinkProgress @thinkprogress South Carolina inmate receives 37 years in solitary confinement for updating Facebook 15 Feb The Nation @thenation Hate to break it to you, but Obama is leading us towards economic catastrophe 15 Feb Truthout @truthout #Zimbabwe's Famed Forests Could Soon Be #Desert: … #deforestation #Africa 15 Feb Raw Story @RawStory Four grand juries later, Mississippi’s ‘Run n****r, run’ judge indicted for assault 15 Feb Talking Points Memo @TPM Video purports to show IS militants beheading Egyptian hostages 15 Feb HuffPost Politics @HuffPostPol ISIS releases video purporting to show beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians in Libya 15 Feb Media Matters @mmfa What WSJ didn't tell you: Jeb Bush has argued that 'people will respect' his brother for the Iraq war 15 Feb Middle East Eye @MiddleEastEye Leila Khaled: Islamic State 'terrorists' and far-right Israelis are 'the same':  #ISIS 15 Feb ThinkProgress @thinkprogress Forget vaccines: If you’re really concerned about autism, become an environmentalist 15 Feb Talking Points Memo @TPM Two arrested in Denver for defacing police memorial during protest 15 Feb Mother Jones @MotherJones There will be fewer child migrants this year, but the crisis isn't over 15 Feb @Salon How we saved our marriage 15 Feb Middle East Eye @MiddleEastEye UN takes aim at Islamic State financing   #UN #ISIS 15 Feb Raw Story @RawStory Flight to Portland delayed after passenger bit by scorpion 15 Feb Truthout @truthout #Congress needs to shut down offshore tax shelters, not reward corporations that built them: @JoshHoxie

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