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16 Feb The Nation @thenation Why do we hear so much more about the GOP's 2016 candidates than what Republicans are actually doing in Congress now? 16 Feb Raw Story @RawStory Singer, songwriter Lesley Gore of 'It's My Party' fame dies at 68 16 Feb @BillMoyersHQ Congrats to #JonStewart for a great run @TheDailyShow. Watch Bill's interview w him at the end of the Bush years. 16 Feb Mother Jones @MotherJones In a new video, Joey Bada$$ takes on police shootings of unarmed black men 16 Feb Common Dreams @commondreams 'The Birth of a Nation': A Century Later 16 Feb Middle East Eye @MiddleEastEye Game developer determined to put Tunisia on the map #Tunisia 16 Feb Raw Story @RawStory Grand jury indicts Craig Stephen Hicks in shooting deaths of Muslim couple and in-law  #ChapelHillShooting 16 Feb Democracy Now! @democracynow #Islamophobia is on the rise in America. Who is behind the fear mongering? @YasmineTaeb explains. Watch:  @amprog 16 Feb Free Speech TV @freespeechtv Chapel Hill Shooting Illustrates Gun Control Problem No One is Talking About: 16 Feb ThinkProgress @thinkprogress North Carolina GOP looks to raise taxes on students and defrauded homeowners 16 Feb The Nation @thenation In the early part of the 20th century, women’s creative talent was far more valued in the filmmaking community. 16 Feb Raw Story @RawStory Arkansas state senator suggests US nuke allies in order to deal with ISIS threat 16 Feb Mother Jones @MotherJones Anti-Semitic Violence Has Very Different Roots in the U.S. and Europe 16 Feb Middle East Eye @MiddleEastEye ‘Judaism is a lot wiser and a lot older than the state of Israel’ #Palestine #Israel 16 Feb Democracy Now! @democracynow Watch: Top U.S. and World News Headlines for Monday, February 16 16 Feb Brave New Films @bravenewfilms How will you change the world? We have a few suggestions. 16 Feb The Advocate @TheAdvocateMag Ohio Murder May Mark Sixth Killing of a Trans Woman in U.S. in 2015 16 Feb The Advocate @TheAdvocateMag ISIS Publishes Propaganda Piece 'Explaining' Recent Antigay Atrocities 16 Feb Mother Jones @MotherJones Weather Channel Reporter Really, Really Enjoyed The Lightning During Boston's Snowstorm  via @Digg 16 Feb Truthout @truthout Our Seas: End of Mare Nostrum Spells Death in the #Mediterranean 16 Feb AlterNet @AlterNet Are societal and cultural variables, not chemical brain imbalances, making us depressed and suicidal? #MentalHealth 16 Feb Too Much @Too_Much_Online Huge mutual-fund companies like BlackRock side with management on CEO pay votes nearly 100% of the time:  @AsYouSow 16 Feb ThinkProgress @thinkprogress America’s first President was the Tea Party’s worst nightmare 16 Feb The Nation @thenation We Need Syriza in Illinois 16 Feb Raw Story @RawStory Alabama school district wants alleged rape victim to use her real name in federal case 16 Feb Democracy Now! @democracynow As Anti-Muslim Incidents Continue, Report Exposes Funders & Pundits of #Islamophobia @amprog 16 Feb EcoWatch @EcoWatch Public Utilities Should Embrace Renewable Energy Revolution, Not Get Run Over By It  @RenewablesNews @newsenergy 16 Feb EcoWatch @EcoWatch 8 Reasons to Be Optimistic About the Climate Movement in 2015  @OccupySandy @OneWorld_News 16 Feb Common Dreams @commondreams 'This Is Not A Game,' Declares Greek Minister as Talks Collapse in Brussels  #Syriza #Greece 16 Feb Mother Jones @MotherJones There's a horrifying amount of plastic in the ocean. This chart shows who's to blame 16 Feb @BillMoyersHQ It's too easy to complain about politics w/out taking personal responsibility, says Rev. Michael Livingston 16 Feb Raw Story @RawStory Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah says group is fighting Islamic State in Iraq 16 Feb @Salon ‘I’m all about good health’: Here's why a college student is eating bugs with every meal for 30 days 16 Feb ThinkProgress @thinkprogress Happy Presidents’ Day! Meet the five most overrated American presidents 16 Feb EcoWatch @EcoWatch The Food Babe Way: What the Food Industry Doesn't Want You to Know  @foodrepublic @FoodCorps 16 Feb EcoWatch @EcoWatch 7 Reasons to Drinking Plenty of Water  @Healthy_Child @Kris_Carr 16 Feb Free Speech TV @freespeechtv #Christians Become a Primary Target for #ISIS; 21 Beheaded 16 Feb Democracy Now! @democracynow #CopenhagenAttack Witness @femeninna Debates Scholar @tariqramadan on Religion & Free Speech 16 Feb Common Dreams @commondreams GOP Lawmakers Push Millionaire-Friendly State Tax Schemes 16 Feb Raw Story @RawStory Facebook still suspending Native Americans over ‘real name’ policy

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